The Bonza Process

What to expect

This production overview is the basic process we follow when creating motion pictures. Not all productions will include every aspect of this chart (i.e. some projects don't require a voice-over, not all projects will utilize professional talent, etc.).
By providing this information, we hope you have a better understanding of what to expect when moving into production. But don't worry, we're more than happy to answer questions and keep you updated on the process as it moves along.

Video Production Process


Client Vision Meeting

Capture vision
Preliminary timeline defined
Preliminary logistics discussed

Bonza Brainstorm

Vision taken to Bonza internal meeting
Establish polished idea(s)
Basic scripting/outlining
Development of bid based on idea(s)

Follow-Up Meeting

Present idea(s)
Present formal bid
Sign production agreement



Location scouting
Props arrangement
wardrobe selection
Set decoration


Finalization of script

Talent Sourcing

Talent agency
Client provided


Smooth Production Day

Crew arrives
Equipment/scenes are set up
Cameras roll
Follow schedule
Pack up

Better Success Rate

Having spent the necessary time in Development and Pre-Production, we have a much better chance of staying on schedule and capturing an effective story.



Ingest footage
Duplicate (redundant backups)
Label/organize media files
Audio visual sync


Basic assembly of footage
Temporary music selection
Scratch voice-over integration
Internal revisions

1st Cut

Tightened edit
Basic color correction
Sound design
Final voice-over
Final music selection
Graphics integration
Client revisions


Final color grading
Audio finishing
Encoding for delivery

Why such an elaborate process?

Tried and True

Every major motion picture, national television commercial, and nearly every high-caliber professional video production goes through a very similar process. The chances of creating an effective video from simply showing up with a camera in hand, are very remote. We at Bonza believe that your story deserves the best chance at success.

Typically, the most expensive part of creating motion pictures is the Production phase (aka: principle photography, or filming). Time spent in Development and Pre-Production not only helps to formulate an effective story, but can also save costs during Production. When less time is spent in preparation - longer production days and reshoots are far more likely.

Now that you know about the process...

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