About Bonza Media

Did you know that Bonza means awesome? Thats because we're awesome!
In fact, if you look at the charts below, you will see that we are "off the charts awesome!"

Awesomeness Factor

Good Looks

made up on the spot

Did you further know that 76% of statistics are made up on the spot...? Ok, thats a joke - and we couldn't find the 'sarcasm font'. However, despite the facetious nature of these statistics, the statistics on the front page of our site are accurate (to the best of our knowledge) and Bonza does actually mean awesome.

So where did this word 'Bonza' come from?

Josiah, our producer (and the founder of Bonza Media), has some close ties to our friends Down Under. That's right, "bonza" is Australian slang. Josiah's wife is a full-blooded Aussie, born and raised in the Land Down Under.

Thus, when deciding on a name for the company, he chose to draw from the wonderful world of Australian slang; including such words as: "bonza!" (awesome! or wow!), "good onya" (well done), and "I'm going to the servo this arvo to fill up my ute with some petrol" (I'm going to the gas station this afternoon to fill up my pickup truck with some gas) to name a few.

Award Winning

Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we have won a few awards. Both as a team and as individuals, commercial work and passion projects. Tom is the most decorated of us all, raking in the director's awards for his film "The White Room". Sorry, we don't have any Oscars sitting on our shelf yet, but hopefully one day we will!


the right tools to get the job done right

Does the equipment used to create a film really make that much of a difference?
It absolutely does. There is so much more involved than simply a camera. From lights and rigging, to motion equipment and audio gear - Bonza keeps a full line of professional production equipment.
We are happy to chat with you about the different types of equipment we use if you're as much of a gear junkie as we are 🙂

Yes, we also offer equipment rentals

Philosophy and Passion

Our real passion is in creating narrative films and humorous commercials with a narrative theme.

Narrative Film /ˈnær.ə.tɪv fɪlm/
Narrative film (or fictional film) is a film that tells a fictional or fictionalized story, event or narrative.
In this style of film - characters and narratives tell an entertaining story that conveys a message, as opposed to directly recording the message itself.
We believe that motion pictures are the most powerful medium available to us today. They encompass many forms of communication and few other mediums can connect with us on such an emotional level. It has been Bonza's vision since our founding to emphasize quality over quantity. It is rewarding for us when all the intricate pieces come together to form a beautifully crafted film.

Bonza Media

Film and Video Production

Interested in how it all comes together? Check out the Bonza video production process page.