We are passionate about creating compelling motion pictures

Whether they compel you to laugh, cry, buy a widget, rethink your life, or any combination thereof 😉

Bonza Media is a full service commercial video production company.

We are located in Rockford, IL but also service Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, the Quad Cities, and anywhere in between.

Whether you're looking for a turnkey solution for your video production needs, or you need a video production company to work hand-in-hand with your existing marketing department (or agency) you've come to the right place.

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Bonza History

  • 2009


    Bonza Media was founded in 2009 with one goal in mind: to create compelling motion pictures.

  • 2012


    With a few years of success under our belts, we decided it was time to incorporate in 2012

  • 2014


    2014 was a year of refocusing on what we do best. Our mission: continue to craft compelling motion pictures, but with an intentional shift toward specifically narrative work.

  • >>>

    The Future

    We look forward to telling more stories in one of the most powerful mediums available today:
    motion pictures

The Bonza Crew

Young, creative, professional. We love what we do!

The Bonza Process

A proper process lends itself to great results


Development of concepts and ideas


Planning and organizing for production


Principle photography: when we're on set rolling cameras


Putting all the pieces together to create the final product

A Few of Our Clients

Kerry Ingredients
Copperstone Inn
Testors Corp
Rock Valley College
Alpine Bank
Transform Rockford
Furst Person

Previous Work

Tap on a thumbnail to watch full-length versions of some of our previous productions. (Many more examples available on request)

How important is video production in today's market?

Here are some statistics according to three recent studies:

73% of consumers more likely to make purchase after watching video

86% of marketers confirm very positive engagement rate from videos

69% of companies are increasing their video production budgets to remain competitive

Is your business staying ahead of the curve?

Over one-third of large companies currently produce over 100 marketing videos annually
Approx. 4,285 videos are uploaded to YouTube every hour!

Will your message get lost in the torrent of mediocre videos being made?

  • Production Company
  • Amateur, DIY, or "Videographer"

Viewers are significantly more likely to remember seeing a video, to retain it's product information, and to recall the brand being advertised when produced by a production company.

Your videos need to reflect the quality of your business.

Consumers automatically associate the quality of your advertising material with the quality of your products or services. Would you make your building signage out of cardboard or print your business cards on napkins? Let us help you convey a positive message with your video projects.